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Structural engineering survey

We provide the full range of services in the structural engineering survey as well as in the inspection and independent construction expertize of the buildings and structures, including the survey of the bottom soil of structures, engineering networks and equipment.

We also carry out a general survey of the buildings technical condition in order to determine the possibility of its further exploitation or to identify the need for its reconstruction, strengthening and repair.

During the works execution we inform the customer about the results of every single stage such as building measuring, structural analysis and the results of laboratory analysis of structures and bottom soil.

The "Technical Report" issued at the end of the expert work, includes:

– Laboratory analysis report and instrumental survey report

– Measuring drawings, as-built drawing of the survey of opened up (ripped up) structural elements and as-built drawing of the test pit of the building foundation

– Defect list and fault file

– The conclusions of technical condition and load-bearing ability of the object structure

– Recommendations for the restoration of serviceability of building structures and for the implementation of further re-planning, reconstruction and overhaul repair of the building

All works are executed strictly in compliance with requirements of GOST 31937-2011 and
SP 13-102-2003.